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The typical delivery time for the package is within 7 work days.

If you happen to have any questions regarding the product or the delivery services you can send us an email at You can also call us personally contact us through the telephone number 0419 397 858, we are more than willing to help you with all problems and questions you have.

We are located in Melbourne VIC 3134 and are equipped to cater to our international clients. In fact we are looking for the international dealers for our products in related industries.

It was developed because of the degree of difficulty in the thinking process of setting up for PLASTER angles to be cut.
It also eliminates the frustration of how to cut the PLASTER angles upside down and back to front, don’t worry the
EEZEE ANGLE GUIDES will do this for you.

Yes you can use the EEZEE ANGLE GUIDES on the 55,75,and 90 mm COVING/CORNICE, but it can’t be used with large
decorative coving.

Yes. We know it is the easiest product on the market today to cut PLASTER COVING/CORNICE angles,the 100% feedback from E BAY says it all.
The simple step by step instructions with accompanying photos will have your job completed in no time.

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